Questions To Ask Listing Agent Before Submitting An Offer

Questions To Ask Listing Agent Before Submitting An Offer

Many questions come up when you’re in the market for a house. From how much money should you offer to what features does the house have? To ensure that you make the best possible decision, it’s important to ask your listing agent some key questions before submitting an offer. Let’s look at a few of the most important ones.

What is the Seller Looking For?

Asking this question will give you a better understanding of the type of negotiation tactic that might be best when submitting a request. Knowing what the seller is looking for can help inform your decision on how much to offer and whether or not to include any contingencies. It also gives you an idea of how motivated they are and how likely they are to accept or reject any offers.

What Are The Negotiation Terms?

Your listing agent can provide insight into what kind of negotiation terms would benefit both parties and which might work against you. They will know if certain clauses may be non-negotiable or if they may be more willing to negotiate certain aspects than others. Knowing this information beforehand can help inform your decision on which terms to put in your offer and which ones are worth trying to negotiate.

What Comparable Homes Have Sold Recently?

Your listing agent should have access to records of homes that have sold recently in the area with similar characteristics as the home you’re interested in purchasing. This information can be invaluable when determining what price point would make sense to submit an offer and how flexible (or inflexible) the seller may be during negotiations. Asking this question can also provide insight into potential offers from competing buyers and the room for negotiation based on comparable sales.

What Are The Property Taxes?

One of the most important questions to ask is what the property taxes are for the home, as this can significantly impact your budget. Your listing agent should be able to provide you with information about current and past tax rates and any exemptions that may apply. Knowing this number ahead of time allows you to prepare for any potential tax increases and plan accordingly for future payments.

Are There Any Homeowner Association Fees?

Another important question is whether or not there are any Homeowner Association (HOA) fees associated with buying a home. Many neighborhoods have HOA fees covering landscaping, snow removal, and other common areas maintenance.

It’s important to know these fees ahead of time so that they are factored into your budgeting process. Your listing agent should be able to provide detailed information on any HOA fees associated with buying the home.

What Amenities Does The Neighborhood Offer?

The neighborhood can make or break your experience as a homeowner, so it’s important to know what amenities are available in your chosen area. Do nearby parks offer outdoor activities like hiking or biking trails? Are there restaurants, grocery stores, or other businesses within walking distance?

Does public transportation running through the neighborhood? These are all important considerations when choosing where to buy a home. Your listing agent should be able to provide detailed answers about what amenities are available in the area.


Making an offer on a new home is an exciting process but requires careful consideration and research beforehand. Asking your listing agent questions about property taxes, HOA fees, and neighborhood amenities can give you peace of mind knowing that you have all the necessary information before submitting an offer on a new home. Doing so will ensure that your decision is informed by up-to-date facts and data rather than assumptions or guesswork!

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